How Does it work
We Bridge Ties and Build Golden Opportunities for you
60sec builds bridges of opportunities and creates ties with trusted brands in demand for content creators.
We provide you with Networking opportunities
Our primary focus is for you to create profitable collaborations, meaningful relationships, and affiliate networks with the best creator platform.
We Personalize Your Voice to Be Memorable
60Sec emphasizes the importance of personalized content relevant to your target audience. Our platform is contains tailored campaigns, events, and affiliate programs that remind you of your customers.
Earn extra income with Instagram Bio
Link your campaigns and
social media all in one link
Link affiliate product seamlessly.
You can now join affiliate programs such as Lazada and link them in your Instagram bio. Join Now!
Link your campaigns.
Set up your profile and link campaigns that you have done via the bio link tool and link it to your Instagram.
Connect with your customers.
You can now generate a unique URL bio link with a click of a button and use the bio link to direct viewers to your affiliate programs, campaigns, and social media accounts.
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Why people love
using 60sec
“What excites me about this application is how systematic it is, making it simple for me to stay connected with various brands. With a single click, you can join any campaign on this app!”
“60sec gives you the freedom to choose the campaign you want to join, and when you start a campaign with 60sec, you are guaranteed to get a gift for a product review.”
“What I liked about 60sec is their clear content guideline. When I joined a campaign with 60sec, they briefed us about the product and taught us how to promote it, making the promoting process much simpler and more enjoyable.”
A Community For You
60sec builds connects that are ever lasting. We do not stop just at bridging Influencers and Brands. Rather we take the time to build communities with like minded brands and influencers.
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